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iCFO Consulting (iCFO) prides itself in serving the needs of nonprofits, churches and small businesses by providing quality, comprehensive accounting and business consulting services to its clients. The company is committed and dedicated to delivering top quality financial services.


We provide year-round business advisory services while keeping our clients up-to-date on federal, state, and local regulations. Our constant interaction with our clients enables us to make practical recommendations to help them accomplish their goals. 

Virtual CFO Services


A Virtual CFO is often the ideal solution for small and growing businesses. Hiring a full-time CFO can cost over $200,000 per year, and that’s not even including bonuses and benefits. iCFO services provide you with expert support at a fraction of that cost. 

Business Review


Many new business owners struggle with uncertainty surrounding the most effective structure and operation of their business. Many are growing faster than expected however they do not have the proper financial and operational systems in place. iCFO Services allows you to make valid decisions based on real time financial analysis.


Money Coaching

Money coaching (or financial coaching) does not equal financial advising. Financial advising involves managing the wealth you already have. Money coaching focuses more on educating and empowring you to make good financial decisions that grow your wealth. It puts you in control. That is what iCFO will equip you to do.


 1 by 1 Leadership Foundation, Inc.

Sometimes organizations that help people need help themselves and it is appropriate to seek out those individuals and organizations that can help build the capacity and efficiency to facilitate mission outcomes. One such business that can help many smaller organizations as well as institutions is iCFO Consulting. At One by One Leadership Foundation, we invited iCFO to help facilitate specific operational issues and the results are worthy of our endorsement.

Dina Dorestan,

Small Business Owner

John Paul is amazing. He has provided me with phenomenal financial knowledge that has taken my business to the next level financially. He goes above and beyond for his clients. I recommend his services to anyone that is seeking a trustworthy, honest, and incredible financial advisor. You'll be glad you did.

Panira Clinic

The financial aspect of not for profit companies can be challenging and without sound financial guidance and execution, a company can suffer. Mr. John Paul has been working in both private and not for profit sectors; he brings the wisdom and expertise that provides a sound financial ground to our clinic. We, at PANIRA Clinic, appreciate all his efforts for the success of the clinic in our mission to increase healthcare access in our community.


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